How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

You want to get your very own bearded dragon. Maybe you’ve seen them in pet stores, or maybe your friends have some. Generally, the beardies you see will be three to six inches long when you spot them in stores – they are young, you know – but, how big do they get?

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Adult Bearded Dragon Size

Bearded dragons will usually top out at 18-24 inches in length, though, on average, they’ll wind up being on the low end of that scale. Different types of dragon will grow to different lengths, with the biggest variety reaching 25 inches! If you have a special variety, look up its scientific name to get a more specific answer.

What Factors Influence Dragon Size?

A bearded dragon will grow depending upon how well they are cared for. This includes nutrition, cleanliness of their vivarium and proper temperatures/humidity. If your dragon is not getting fed properly, that can stunt its growth. You will want to make sure that your dragon is getting the right amount of live food, fruit and vegetables and the right amount of water. Crickets will need to be gut-loaded (fed nutrients) and dusted with nutrient powders before being fed to your dragon. Remember: Younger dragons need more protein than older dragons and will need to be fed their protein at least three times per day. Do not skimp on protein! They will eat until they are ready to stop.

Does Vivarium Size Impact Dragon Size?

No. Your dragon will grow to their natural size regardless of the size of their vivarium, assuming they are being fed properly. You will want to have at least a 30 gallon tank, though I would recommend a 55 gallon. If you are keeping more than one dragon, increase tank size accordingly. They will not stunt, they will just be rather cranky about having the smaller tank.

When Do Dragons Stop Growing?

Your dragon will continue to grow until he is approximately a year old. At that point, he ought to be at least 18 inches long – if not, he probably did not get the nutrition that he needed while growing. There is not much that you can do at that point, except for continuing to feed the best that you can.

My Friend’s/My Beardie Isn’t Growing Much…

If your beardie is less than a year old, it will need lots of protein in order to reach its potential. Feed protein sources three times per day, as much as they will eat in 10-15 minutes. Bearded dragons tend to cut down on the amount that they are willing to eat on their own, so if they are not interested, you can lower the amount of daily protein feedings that they get.

Bearded dragons are wonderful pets. If you are good to them, they will reward you with many years of companionship! They’re an extremely social, friendly lizard, moreso than an iguana, and will entertain you with their antics – so treat them well and treat them often!

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